Kahanamoku Builders, what we do..


Our goal is to make the building process a positive learning experience which will result in the most cost effective project upon completion. This doesn’t mean you need to know the minute details of building, but you should understand the process. We prefer an “open book” accounting style as the project progresses so you will know each step and expenditure. Decisions can be made during the project that require budget changes as well as scheduling changes, this allows us to involve the client on a daily or weekly basis to make decisions that will lead to the best overall outcome for your project.

  1. Scope of Work Performed

  2. BulletGround up Projects

  3. Re-models

  4. Retro-Fit

  5. BulletDesign Build

  6. BulletOwner Builder

  7. BulletAV projects

  8. BulletHome Automation

  9. BulletLandscape

  10. BulletInterior Design

  11. BulletSolar Projects

Kahanamoku Builders

  1. Descriptive Terminology

  2. Bullet“Turnkey” . complete project where no pick up is required, like driving a new car off the lot.

  3. Bullet“Custom” typically this means it was built for your project and it’s requirements, and could be completely unique in design.

  4. Bullet“AV” Audio Visual, everything from whole house audio to listening rooms or home theater

  5. Bullet“Home Automation” this can be as simple as programable dimmers in key areas to control of all lighting, heating, air conditioning, garage doors, gates, pool equipment and integrating with AV equipment.

  6. Bullet“Owner Builder” This typically means that you will pull all permits for your project, and be responsible for budgeting during the project. We can also act as your agent to make sure all of the requirements are met for your project as well as deal with all inspections and quality of workmanship for the project.